VIP Download

TutuApp VIP version is now available on our TutuApp VIP official website and all users can use this third-party apps store on their smart devices instead for their default apps store. This app store is available for $ 12.99/year.When you encounter the amount of TutuApp VIP, don’t be panic and think that $ 12.99/year is a small amount. So don’t think twice and join with us to download and install TutuApp VIP .

TutuApp VIP Benefits

  • Can use exclusive games and apps
  • TutuApp VIP priority to play new games
  • No ads contains

TutuApp VIP Requirements

  • iOS 8 or upper version
  • iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch device
  • Good working and stable internet connection

How To Download TutuApp VIP

First of all please take a backup of your device and protect your device privacy and your valuable data using iTunes or iCloud.Then you can follow following other precautions respectively.

  • Charge your device properly
  • Use a stable and fast internet connection
  • While the process is ongoing ,do not pay for others that we have not mentioned

If you have got the idea on TutuApp VIP precautions,now you are free to follow our simple and step by step guide as well as our download links .Where you do not be afraid to use our safe download links indeed.We have used the official TutuApp VIP website to give you the access to TutuApp VIP download .

  • Step 01: Make sure that your device iOS firmware iOS 8 or upper version that released so far
  • Step 02: Go to to reach to TutuApp VIP official site
  • Step 03: Where you can see two options at the top as Download TutuApp & VIP
  • Step 04: Please tap VIP
  • Step 05: Now you have to Become a VIP.So please click “Become a VIP” button
  • Step 06: Once you clicked Become a VIP button, you will be encountered a page that said “Enter the UID you want to upgrade
  • Step 07: Do you know your UID? If the answer Yes, you can continue the process, If the answer No, please follow our guide to find out your UID

How to find your UID on TutuApp

Before you are going to find out your UID ,please know what is UID ?Actually UID/User ID is your identification number available for your TutuApp user account.When you got severe problems with TutuApp VIP ,via your UID they can recognize those problems and can give you the solutions too.Because this UID is an unique one that available only for you.

  • Step 01:To find out your UID ,you have to download and install TutuApp on your device.To download and install TutuApp on your device please click provided download button and follow the instructions

If you have already downloaded and installed TutuApp on your device please skip the previous step and use Step 02 as your Step 01.

  • Step 02:Open TutuApp and go to profile .If you have not been created your TutuApp profile yet,please create one using your email address or mobile number .Then TutuApp will be sent a verification number for your email or mobile number.It depends according to your selected way.
  • Step 03:After created your account ,you can see your UID at the top of profile page .

Now you have taken your own UID and please continue the rest of steps to Become a VIP .

  • Step 08:Go back to “Enter the UID you want to upgrade ” page and provide your UID as the requirements
  • Step 09:After the successful provide of your UID ,Become a VIP button will be enabled
  • Step 10:Please click “Become a VIP” button
  • Step 11:Then you will be headed up to TutuApp VIP payment direction .Please select your payment method and continue the rest of steps as required .

After the successful payment ,TutuApp VIP will be download and installed on your device for $ 12.99/year.

TutuApp VIP extremely useful benefits

  • 100% genuine apps and games
  • No ads contains
  • No crack versions contains
  • Small in size and easy to handle
  • Paid apps & Games for free

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