TutuApp latest version now download on your Android and iOS smart phone.

100% free.

And safe.

No jailbreak rquired.

Thus you are free to use this.

As well as apps and games.

Paid apps and games for free.

Small size.

Fascinating user interface.

Fast loading speed.

Thus you can save your time.

Mobile DATA sensitive.

So what do you expect from this app more ?

TutuApp App Features

Regularly updating.

Simple interface.

All Apps and Games downloadable.

No creditcards.

Don’t need to provide your User ID or Passwords.

Why you should use TutuApp ?

Importantly we can provide you some reasons with this matter.

Free to use.

Fast loading.

No ads.

Simple interface.

TutuApp Download

Firstly please take a backup of your device.

Secondly follow the guidelines.

TutuApp Compatible devices

iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch.

Android smart phones,Tablets.

After that backup please follow the guide as follow.

01:Download APK/IPA file.

02:Android users Open>>Settings>>Enable Unknown sources>>Install.

03:iOS users Install>>Settings>>General>>Profile and Device Management>>Trust

Then you are free to use this app on your device.

TutuApp Architecture





TutuApp Top Games

  • My Talking Tom MOD
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Among Us MOD
  • CyberSphere
  • Zooba
  • Prey Day
  • Temple Run 2 MOD
  • Rush Royale
  • Will Hero MOD
  • The Trail MOD

TutuApp Apps

  • Netflix MOD
  • Snapchat MOD
  • Ecoupons
  • Spotify Music MOD
  • TikTok
  • MovieBox PRO
  • Coto Movies
  • SnapTube
  • Dreame
  • YouTube++

So you may gained a lot about TutuApp.

Therefore its time to look over it deeply.

Firstly download the app as we mentioned.

Then open the app.

After that search on it for your favorite.

So you can tap on the app/game to download.

Similarly read the descriptions too.

But if you are offline,you can’t deal with this app.

So firstly you have to make your internet connection and then try it back.

The Best Movie Watching Mobile Applications

  • MediaBox
  • MovieBox PRO
  • Popcorn Time


In conclusion TutuApp is the best freeware on iOS and Android.

So you can use freely this app without restrictions.

TutuApp APK V 3.5.0 The Latest Version Download On 16.07.2020

Here we are back with the latest news on TutuApp latest version and its features.Now This application has added very advance security features.But Android users can easily download and use it on their devices.No hardware or software restrictions imposing on this application at all.Users can easily download and install this application using their internet connection.How ever this application is the best third party free app store which released for many years.Please check the update note and use this application.

ApplicationTutuApp APK
VersionV 3.5.0
Total Downloads1000000+

This new version possess several security features and the previous bug fixes.You just need to download and check the application’s newly added features.This application’s major updates you can see below.

  • Perfomance Update
  • Security updates
  • Share apps optios
  • More than 20 languages
  • Very simple interface
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Well categorized aps and games

Why you should use this application ?

  • Free to use
  • All paid apps and games for free
  • No need to root your device
  • No need to change default settings

All you needed sources

  • Android smart device
  • Fast internet connection
  • The latest APK file

This application you can completely remove from your device if you don’t need.It will be not effected on your device speed at all.So you can smoothly use your device with TutuApp.

Even though a third party application,this application shows default application characteristics.Some of them have shown below.

  • No revoke
  • No ads
  • Contain almost genuine apps and games
  • Online games playing opportunity
  • Regularly updating

These features you can experience with your default apps only.But TutuApp also provides those facilities for its users.So we recommend this application on all iOS and Android device users to use on their devices to get their apps and games.

The Best TutuApp Alternatives


TutuApp is the legally approved best third party app store to use on your Android and iOS smart devices for free and safe.

TutuApp VIP Has Been Fixed Completely On iOS 12-12.3

TutuApp team has been fixed TutuApp VIP version completely now. Users can download and install TutuApp VIP version on their devices for $12.99/Year.We have a complete tutorial guide for all users who are willing to use TutuApp VIP. Please follow us via the below link and follow the instructions properly.You will be amazed to hear that TutuApp VIP is available just for $12.99/Year .This is a small size of payment for our users to pay for well updated TutuApp version indeed.So encounter to this amazing new experience with your smart device and tell us your thoughts on TutuApp VIP.

Why TutuApp VIP persons are special ?

We can consider a few points on this matter. These points are very important to get an idea of TutuApp VIP benefits and other facilities.

  • Exclusive Games & Applications
  • Gave priority to play newer games
  • Completely free from ads
  • TutuApp VIP has been maintaining VIP service

How To Become A TutuApp VIP Person ?

Please watch this video till the end of it’s the duration and get all things that you need to download and install TutuApp VIP. All other accessories also include the trusted payment methods too. So you can be adhering to this process without any doubt but as an expert on this.

Precautions prior to TutuApp VIP

  • Take a complete backup of your device data
  • Use a stable and fast internet package
  • Don’t pay for others except for TutuApp
  • Keep your device 100% charge
  • Please use our downloading links only

The aftermath of these precautions, you are free to get into the process. Even though TutuApp VIP available for some money requirement, this will help you to get reach to the non restricted third-party app store as same as your default app store obviously. So if you suppose that this article has helped you to find out your own way, please leave a comment on us and have fun with TutuApp VIP. Thank you.

TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4

Are you using iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4 ?here this opportunity and guide for you.Now TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4 is available with latest updates and features.So now we will provide you a complete descriptive tutorial guide with all necessary download links .Users don’t want to search another web pages to TutuApp download.We have provided all essential download access for free.And don’t wave to use those links.We ensure that we have provided you trustful inks.Furthermore TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4 will be functioned 100% perfectly . Please make sure that your device battery life is enough to perform this task till the end of it’s steps.Take a backup of your device to keep a protect your device data too.

Are you still waiting for iOS upgrading ?

If so please turn on your wi-fi connection and navigate your device Settings>>General>>Software Updates and upgrade your current iOS firmware to the latest iOS firmware.Then join with us to break all monotonous with TutuApp.Because the latest iOS firmware is the most secured place for all iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch device users have to get protected .

Precautions To Follow Before TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4 Download

  • Your device battery charge is the most wanted factor.So keep your battery more than 50%
  • Your Wi-Fi connection should be stable and fast
  • Protect your device data with backup using iTunes or iCloudes
  • Don’t pay for TutuApp except TutuApp VIP

All users must keep on their minds that they are not affiliated to TutuApp download.This article is just a knowledge providing article only.Whether TutuApp download or not only your choice.Please keep reading and finally you can take a decision on TutuApp download.

TutuApp compatible devices

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • iPod Touch

TutuApp compatible iOS firmware

  • iOS 6.0.1,6.0.2,6.1,6.1.1,6.1.2,6.1.3,6.1.4,6.1.5
  • iOS 7 versions
  • iOS 8 versions
  • iOS 9 versions
  • iOS 10 versions
  • iOS 11 versions
  • iOS 12-12.1.4

Even though the topic being TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4, this article will be compatible for all iOS users which we mentioned .So let’s start the journey with TutuApp for free.TutuApp IPA file will be automatically downloaded on your device between this process on going.

TutuApp iOS 12,12.1,12.1.1,12.1.2,12.1.3,12.1.4 download and install

  • Step 01:Use TutuApp iOS button to open TutuApp iOS download page
  • Step 02:Scroll down the page which you opened
  • Step 03:Click TutuApp iOS button
  • Step 04:You will be faced a message.Please click INSTALL
  • Step 05:TutuApp will be started to download and install on your device
  • Step 06:Go to your device Hone Screen and you can see the progress of installing TutuApp on your device
  • Step 07:Once the downloading getting finished ,please go to Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management and Trust this app on your device using Enterprise .
  • Step 08:Now you are free to use TutuApp on your device indeed.

Congratulations guys and use TutuApp as you wish to download and install the latest apps and games which you willing to use on your device for free and safe.TutuApp is the best third party app store that currently available on app world and it is completely for free.TutuApp VIP version also available only for $12.99/year.

TutuApp Will Be A,

  • Well and best categorized third party app store
  • Good ranked apps and games properly
  • Easy navigating app store
  • Single tap installation
  • Genuine apps and games contain app store

More other benefits and characteristics are possessed TutuApp and you can get experienced those all benefits obviously.So we would like to invite for our all readers to keep touch with us and be aware about the all latest TutuApp updates as well as other news.Thank you!

TutuApp Download

TutuApp download will be changed your life with latest and old fascinating facts and events that you have not been heard before.We ensure that TutuApp download will not harm to your device at all. So trust on us and try to use TutuApp on your iOS or Android device using our guide.Although TutuApp VIP is available for $12.99/year,TutuApp iOS and Android free version available for users.Using TutuApp VIP is an extremely advantageous way and free version either.So invite to all willing persons to TutuApp download on their devices.

Have you ever used a third party app store ?

We thought to produce this question to users because of that users must know the difference between their default app store and TutuApp.When you are using your default app store either Apple app store or Google Play Store you will be faced on some sort of hardware and software restrictions.If so not for payment problems.But as a third party app store TutuApp has induced it’s remarkable freedom on it’s users.This will be experienced on you soon at the end of this article with TutuApp download .

Is TutuApp Download A Legal Process ?

TutuApp download is an extremely legal process and users do not to be wary at all.All contains also legal and you can use the original versions of your preferred apps and games obviously.Only thing that you have to do follow our instructions only without caught up to fake methods.There are a lot of fake methods are available with fake links.So we highly mention to follow our download links only.Because we have provided here only official links.

What are the requirements TutuApp Download ?

  • iOS/Android device
  • Compatible platform
  • Internet connection
  • TutuApp IPA/APK file

TutuApp IPA/APK file we will provide you at the point our step by step guidelines.So please keep reading.Where we have not mentioned the software and hardware requirements.If you are not fit with TutuApp you can realize the process on going.So please just tap the download button and follow our instructions.

TutuApp using benefits

  • You can use a well categorized app store
  • TutuApp doesn’t require JB/Rooting methods
  • Not withstand hardware & software restrictions
  • Easy and fast navigation
  • Single tap installation
  • Paid apps and games also available for free
  • You can remove TutuApp from your device if you are not satisfied
  • You can reinstall TutuApp again and again when you want

TutuApp download pre-preparations

  • Protect your device with keep data at a safe place
  • Please recharge and take a good internet package
  • Charge your device and make sure device battery life exists more than 50%
  • Completely for free download
  • Don’t turn off your device till the end of process

How to TutuApp download without a PC

Actually TutuApp download process is a free and no PC process.You can do this with your device internet browser.This is why we said repeatedly TutuApp is the best third party app store ever.With less requirements TutuApp provide you utmost service through it’s ability.So please join with TutuApp download and just do what we said not nonsense .Please select your platform and you will be headed up to TutuApp download page and you will be reach to TutuApp IPA/APK file too.Good luck.