TutuApp latest version now download on your Android and iOS smart phone.

100% free.

And safe.

No jailbreak rquired.

Thus you are free to use this.

As well as apps and games.

Paid apps and games for free.

Small size.

Fascinating user interface.

Fast loading speed.

Thus you can save your time.

Mobile DATA sensitive.

So what do you expect from this app more ?

TutuApp App Features

Regularly updating.

Simple interface.

All Apps and Games downloadable.

No creditcards.

Don’t need to provide your User ID or Passwords.

Why you should use TutuApp ?

Importantly we can provide you some reasons with this matter.

Free to use.

Fast loading.

No ads.

Simple interface.

TutuApp Download

Firstly please take a backup of your device.

Secondly follow the guidelines.

TutuApp Compatible devices

iPhone,iPad,iPod Touch.

Android smart phones,Tablets.

After that backup please follow the guide as follow.

01:Download APK/IPA file.

02:Android users Open>>Settings>>Enable Unknown sources>>Install.

03:iOS users Install>>Settings>>General>>Profile and Device Management>>Trust

Then you are free to use this app on your device.

TutuApp Architecture





TutuApp Top Games

  • My Talking Tom MOD
  • Shadow Hunter
  • Among Us MOD
  • CyberSphere
  • Zooba
  • Prey Day
  • Temple Run 2 MOD
  • Rush Royale
  • Will Hero MOD
  • The Trail MOD

TutuApp Apps

  • Netflix MOD
  • Snapchat MOD
  • Ecoupons
  • Spotify Music MOD
  • TikTok
  • MovieBox PRO
  • Coto Movies
  • SnapTube
  • Dreame
  • YouTube++

So you may gained a lot about TutuApp.

Therefore its time to look over it deeply.

Firstly download the app as we mentioned.

Then open the app.

After that search on it for your favorite.

So you can tap on the app/game to download.

Similarly read the descriptions too.

But if you are offline,you can’t deal with this app.

So firstly you have to make your internet connection and then try it back.

The Best Movie Watching Mobile Applications

  • MediaBox
  • MovieBox PRO
  • Popcorn Time


In conclusion TutuApp is the best freeware on iOS and Android.

So you can use freely this app without restrictions.

TutuApp APK V 3.5.0 The Latest Version Download On 16.07.2020

Here we are back with the latest news on TutuApp latest version and its features.Now This application has added very advance security features.But Android users can easily download and use it on their devices.No hardware or software restrictions imposing on this application at all.Users can easily download and install this application using their internet connection.How ever this application is the best third party free app store which released for many years.Please check the update note and use this application.

ApplicationTutuApp APK
VersionV 3.5.0
Total Downloads1000000+

This new version possess several security features and the previous bug fixes.You just need to download and check the application’s newly added features.This application’s major updates you can see below.

  • Perfomance Update
  • Security updates
  • Share apps optios
  • More than 20 languages
  • Very simple interface
  • Fast downloading speed
  • Well categorized aps and games

Why you should use this application ?

  • Free to use
  • All paid apps and games for free
  • No need to root your device
  • No need to change default settings

All you needed sources

  • Android smart device
  • Fast internet connection
  • The latest APK file

This application you can completely remove from your device if you don’t need.It will be not effected on your device speed at all.So you can smoothly use your device with TutuApp.

Even though a third party application,this application shows default application characteristics.Some of them have shown below.

  • No revoke
  • No ads
  • Contain almost genuine apps and games
  • Online games playing opportunity
  • Regularly updating

These features you can experience with your default apps only.But TutuApp also provides those facilities for its users.So we recommend this application on all iOS and Android device users to use on their devices to get their apps and games.

The Best TutuApp Alternatives


TutuApp is the legally approved best third party app store to use on your Android and iOS smart devices for free and safe.

TutuApp VIP Download Through TutuApp Lite On Your iOS 13.4.1 For Free-Latest Update

Now only available TutuApp iOS version as TutuApp Lite on your iPhone,iPad.After disconnecting TutuApp Regular free version this is the functioning version that team has released to its users.Today we’re gonna discuss with you some important facts that you can consider with using this Lite version on your device.You may facing to problems such as downloading free apps and games obviously.Let’s discuss deeply about the vulnerabilities and bugs that still existing with this amazing app store and how to avoid those annoying things.

What is TutuApp Lite Version ?

This is the only version tha iOS users can use on their iPhone,iPad for free.Even though this version downloading and installing a free process,you can’t get all the apps and games for free as same as previous.But few apps and games are available to freely download and install without pay.Most of apps and games are available to download as VIP.That’s mean you can experience 100% genuine apps and games from this application.

TutuApp VIP

As you already know ,TutuApp VIP version is the payable version of TutuApp.Even though this application is payable its contains are free to download.This application possess few specific features more than its Regular free version indeed.

  • No Ads
  • Excusive Apps & Games
  • No Revokes
  • No re Directions
  • Not require ID or Password to download apps and games
  • 100% Genuine apps and games

At the very beginning of initial download you should be registered on this application as a VIP member.Then you can purchase to TutuApp VIP with a small amount of money and get it on your device.This is a very simple process and do not want any high advance knowledge to deal with this application.

TutuApp VIP Package Plans

1 Year=$18.99

2 Year=$25.99

3 Year=$36.99


You can choose the plan according to your budget.Where we would like to give you the directions that you need to follow to download and install this application indeed.

First Step Download TutuApp Lite On Your device No PC Only Safari

This is the best and easiest way that you have download TutuApp VIP version on your iOS 13.4.1 running iPhone/iPad.Please use the download button and go to our download page and use the particula download link that you may willing to use.

Once you hit the download button you will be directed to the official download page.Where tap the download button and follow the instruction to install.Where you will be received two messages.First one tap Allow.Secondly close.

Then Respectively navigate on your device Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management And hit TutuApp Lite.

Then tap Install button continuously and finally tap done.Then go back to your home screen and where you will see the application.You can launch the application now.

How To Download VIP apps & Games From TutuApp Lite

Tap on the app/game that you need to download

Then hit Continue

Then Tap Allow

Then Tap Close

Navigate to your device Settings>>General>>Profile & Device Management

Where hit TutuApp Installation Tool

Tap Install

Provide Your device passcode

Again hit Install

If it will not be worked ,follow the same method again

After the installation completed you will be directed to the VIP download page

Tap Download TutuApp VIP

Then hit Purchase

Once you selected your plan,you can confirm your payment with providing your billing informations